whatwg-fetch failing in production


We have an app on the Play Store. After signing in, or when the app opens, we make an API request to our server to pull the current account’s profile information.

We’ve had an issue where this request isn’t being performed.

What We’ve Done So Far

Running the app on a device with expo-cli, we traced the issue to an issue with certificates; we were missing the certificate chain.

We updated the configuration, and confirmed the fix when running the app via expo-cli on a device.

However, the app downloaded from the Play Store is still failing at this point in the app. The code we’re running through expo-cli is what we built and published to the Play Store.

After routing requests on the the device through a local proxy, we can see that this request isn’t being performed, which is what we saw running the app via expo-cli when the SSL handshake was failing. We think it’s somehow the same problem or a different issue trusting the server’s certificate.

When connecting to the server through a browser on the device, there are no issues with the certificate.


  1. Am I posting this in the wrong place? Any missing information I should include?
  2. Is there configuration for the app that might be affecting our requests?
  3. Is there a way to debug network requests other than a proxy?
  4. Is it possible with eas or expo-cli to build an apk with debuggable true?

Thanks for reading.