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Expo SDK

Questions regarding the Expo SDK such as its APIs for iOS, Android, and Web, or Expo’s documentation.

Expo Development Tools

Ask questions or start conversations regarding Expo’s free development tools, like Expo CLI (including the Classic expo build service), Expo Go, the Expo Dev Client, and Snack!

Expo Application Services (EAS)

Welcome! This category is for questions regarding Expo’s Application Services.

Expo Professionals

Find answers, ask questions, and share comments with other like-minded engineers regarding anything Expo, EAS, or React Native related here!

How to / Third Party Tooling

Expo should work well with everything! Share here if you’ve recently added support for Expo to a library, have a question on how to add first-class Expo support, or something else!

Look what I built!

Share apps or libraries you’ve created, brainstorm ideas, and meet & chat with your fellow Exponauts from around the world here!

(Deprecated) Help: ExpoKit

ExpoKit is officially deprecated and no longer supported. We recommend using the bare workflow, instead.

LOCKED: General

This category has been locked. Please take a look at our category list and select the one that best fits your question!