Play store upload certificate error when creating new expo app for existing app

I have an existing react-native app that was not using Expo. I tried to upgrade it and ran into so many errors that I created a new Expo app and moved the old code into the new app. Now I’m trying to upload it to the Play store and I get the error:

You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. The upload certificate has fingerprint:

[ SHA1:XXX ]

and the certificate used to sign the APK you uploaded have fingerprint:

[ SHA1: YYY ]

I’ve ran expo fetch:android:keystore and used that for the credentials. I’ve copied over things from the old app.json into the new one. They don’t quite line up so I used:

  • displayName ->
  • name -> expo.slug

I’ve copied over the same identifiers for expo.ios.bundleIdentifier and

I’ve tried to make the slug the bundle identifier, but that throws errors.

Any other ideas on how to solve this?

hello @kellypacker,

I think you have to upload the same keystore that is already upload in playStore.
I have a question when run this fetch:android:keystore command then the result was match with already uploaded keystore or not?

Yes, that seems like the problem from the error. However, I’ve already run that command (like 5 times) to fetch the keystore. I add the path, alias and password as it asks. But it still gives this error. That is why I was trying to match up other values in app.json to see if there was something else off. I read in other forum posts that this might be the case, that the keystore matches, but something else has changed.

I just realized that expo fetch:android:keystore fetches the keystore from expo, not the Play Store. Which seems very obvious now. Luckily I had the keystore saved and dug it up and used it. And that build was successful. Phew!

Glad you were able to get things sorted!

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