Google SignIn issue in apk build from expo project

I have created project with expo framework. I have done the configuration mentioned on link In development mode it is working fine on both devices. For build there is a configuration required which I did. The problem is after building it is working fine on iOS devices but for android it is not. Following is the code I am using.

const googleSignIn = async () => {
    try {
        const config = {
            androidStandaloneAppClientId: `CLIENTID_FROM_GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS`,

        const { type, accessToken } = await Google.logInAsync(config);

        if (type === 'success') {
            let response = await fetch('', {
                headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${accessToken}` },
            const userObj = await response.json();
    } catch ({ message }) {


In app.json following is the configuration:

"android": {
  "config": {
    "googleSignIn": {
      "certificateHash": "HASK_FROM_APP_BY_RUNNING_expo fetch:android:hashes"
  "package": ""

I am not sure what I am missing, let me know if someone can help me out in this. Is there a way I can run app in so it takes androidStandaloneAppClientId to login. Thanks in advance.

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