Google Sign in not working after publishing on Google Play

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

I recently released my app on Google Play Store (internal test and internal app sharing) and soon found out that google auth does not work when you get the app through Google play store.

After spending hours on this issue, I found out that Google Play Store generates a new SHA-1 certificate (app signing key certificate) and that I need to save it on my firebase android app (which I did).

I also downloaded google-services.json file from firebase and recompiled the app with it. However, Google auth is still not working.

At this point, I think the problem has to do with release and debug SHA keys but I really can’t find any information about them in Expo setting. Am I supposed to create debug / release keys using Android Studio and add them to my app somehow?

I would really appreciate some help on this! I’ve been struggling with this issue for a few days now… Happy to provide more information as needed!

For step 3 here- are you adding the fingerprint from Google Play, or from expo fetch:android:hashes?

Both actually. I was advised to add both upload certificate and app signing certificate (from google play console) and the upload certificate key happened to match the result I get from expo fetch:android:hashes

Should I only add the one I get from expo fetch:android:hashes ?

You should add both (although the client ID is different for each I believe)

Yup, I added both but it isn’t working. So the problem isn’t release / debug keys right?

Is there anything else I could try? I’ve been stuck on this issue for a week now… very desperate for a solution

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