Renaming an Organisation


We had a member of staff (who has now left the business) working on a couple of applications who created a solo account, instead of an organisation. We converted his applications to an organisation to gain control of them, but his account is listed as the owner. Is there any way we can change the organisation name, so that we can create solo accounts, as is recommended.


Hey @elfproductivity, you can not change an organization’s name but you can change the owner. Are you able to get access to the owner’s personal account or coordinate with the person who left to change ownership?


Hey Adam,

Yes, I do have access to the owner’s personal account - but I’ve already converted it to an organisation… Have I done it wrong? :man_facepalming:


By " you can change the owner." @adamjnav meant that you can change the account that is the owner of that organization, but it still will be named the same way and you will still need to have the same name as the owner inside app.json.

If you want to change the value inside app.json you need to

  • download all credentials for ios and android
  • create new organization
  • change owner field to that organisation
  • run build but provide only credentials manually(don’t select the option to let expo handle it)

2 things that you will need to remember when doing that

  • OTA updates sent for new account won’t reach apk build on the old one
  • if you are using notifications you need to have a way of distinguishing between tokens from old app and the new one, because you can’t batch them together


Sorry, how do I change the owner of the application? Ideally I’d want the existing account i have now to be an organisation and then to have a personal account. So would it be a case of:

  1. Create a new personal account
  2. Convert existing personal account (ELFProductivity) to an organisation and assign to new personal account
  3. Change owner of application to organisation (this step is where i’m unsure)
  4. Change values in app.json

Thank you

  1. Change owner of application to organization

you can’t change owner of the application,

  • you can change which account owns the organization (this will keep the same value in owner field in app.json`
  • you can change value in app.json but this will not transfer the app it will just create new one, so you will need to setup all the credentials as I explained in previous post
  1. Change values in app.json

if you converting your account to an organization you should not change anything in app.json.

To change which account owns the organization you need to:

  • before converting elfproductivity to organization go to Log In — Expo and invite your personal account and give it owner role

  • if elfproductivity account is part of any other team/organisation you need to remove it because an organization can’t be part of other organization


I’m getting a bit confused and I think it would help to get a bit more concrete. Maybe with dummy account names and slugs.

e.g. the original previous staff member who has now left created an account called previousdev.
Or was it ELFProductivity?

What account did you build you app under? (Presumably previousdev?)
Assume the slug for the app is theslug.

And if I understand correctly, previousdev was converted to an organisation account. How does ELFProductivity fit in?

As @wkozyra says, you can’t “change” the ownership of an app. But you can basically create a copy of the app under a different account. This has implications OTA updates, because those are tied to the Expo username+slug name. And you’d need to copy the credentials as he mentioned.