Changing to an Organisation Account and Changing Ownership of a Production App

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I would like to migrate a personal Expo account that owns a production application to an organisational account, and then change the owner of the organisation to another person (step 1). In addition, I would like to change the ownership of the app to a new user (step 2).

Note that this is a legacy application that is currently still using ExpoKit. Work is in progress to migrate to EAS, but for now, the goal is to make the existing setup build with a new user owning the app. The application is deployed in Apple’s and Google’s app stores, and the shells are rarely updated while OTA updates are frequent.

According to this documentation page, migrating to an organisation account should be a smooth process, without affecting the live application. Is this correct?

I cannot seem to find any blogs from anyone who performed the process to support the stance that this would be smooth, or a blog that runs through the necessary steps in detail.

Step 1 - Migrating to an Organisation Account
From my understanding, and from what I have read, migrating to an organisation account does not affect the application slug, and the owner of the app would remain the same. Can you please confirm that converting a personal account to an organisation account will not affect the live application in any way?

I would then:

  1. Convert the personal account to an organisational account
  2. Add a few more developers (personal Expo accounts) to the new organisation account.
  3. Determine a new personal account to own the organisation

It is my understanding that, at this stage, the old personal account would continue to own the application, and the application slug/URL would remain unchanged.

Therefore, in another step, the application ownership should be transferred to a different user.

Step 2 - Changing the App Ownership
Given the discussions here and here, it seems that a new app shell needs to be published to use a new slug.

How can I make a new account the owner of the application, and redeploy with the new slug/url in the smoothest way possible? Smooth refers to a smooth experience for the users, without any down-time. As per the links above, it seems it would be necessary to change the app configuration to use the account of a new Expo user, publish an OTA update for the new user, and then update the app shells in Android and iOS. (change slug and bundle identifiers)

Given that answers to similar questions in the forum are a bit dated, I would like to ask if there is an updated documentation that I may have overlooked, or even a step-by-step guide with the changes to be made.

By the way, I have tried to access the certificates for the app as suggested in one of the linked forum entries, but expo fetch:ios:certs says that the credentials are not available, in case that matters.

Thank you and best regards,

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