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I just wanted to write up a summary of what you can do if you need to transfer ownership of a project. I believe this information is up to date as of 2/7/18 but we are working on a bunch of stuff here, so be aware that some things may have changed since then.

Can I change my username?
No, you can’t at this time. This is dumb, and we’re going to make a way that you can do this but because of some of the ways stuff is architected, this is non-trivial and will take some time.

Can I transfer a project to another user?
No, we don’t have teams or organizations or way to transfer projects at this time.
If you have an app in production in the App Store, you may want to build a new version of the app and submit it to the app store under a new username.

One downside of this is that AsyncStorage is partitioned by the id of an experience (@yourusername/projectname) so it will feel to the user like they have cleared AsyncStorage (they may have to login again, etc.) So that’s something to be aware of.

Is there a way to do teams or organizations?
Not yet, but its on our roadmap. Lots of people are asking for it and we think we definitely should have it.

In the meantime, if you’re a group of people producing an app, it probably makes sense to make an account like “mycompanyname” and share the password, and use that.

Additional note: If you delete projects from the web UI, production app store apps can’t still load them, so do not delete your projects from your profile via the web until you’ve pushed out a new build to the app stores and left sufficient time until your users to all update.

You can make them unlisted so that they don’t show up on your profile to other users besides you.

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