Can organizations be renamed or not? Docs and UI on is unclear

This might be some confusion on my part on Account vs. Organization, what confuses me is the following:

The docs state

You’ll need to choose a name for your Organization. Once you have created the organization, you will not be able to rename it. To associate projects with an Organization, you will need to add the Owner key to your project’s app.json

See: Account Types - Expo Documentation

However, if I 1) log into, 2) select my organization whose name I want to change from the dropdown list in the top left corner (let’s call it badOrgName), 3) go to Overview, 4) it now says “Account overview”, with “Account information” just below it, displaying “Name: badOrgName” (along with Plan and Members info).

  • This seems to be the Organization name. Why is it shown as the Account name? Are the two the same?
  • Below “Account information” there’s a field to “Rename account”. Will this rename the Organization name? The docs said that wasn’t possible but it feels like it’s possible here.

I haven’t gone through the process of renaming the Account as I’m not sure if it’s renaming the Org or not and I don’t want any unintended consequences but the docs seem to suggest it’s both possible and very simple: Account Types - Expo Documentation

Can someone clarify this?

In the end, my problem is that I’m working on an app belonging to an Organization whose name we’d like to change.

Hi @jorundur, sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile: Yes, Organization can be renamed for a limited number of time. Please have a look at our updated docs: Account Types - Expo Documentation for more info (especially around the Caveats).

And thanks for pointing the “confusing” part out :+1: