IOS Simulator Opening Expo App But Not Project


I am new to Expo, React Native, and development in general, so I apologize if this is a basic issue. I have a React Native projected created but with I try to open it in the IOS simulator using sudo npm run ios from my project directory, my project does not open. Previously, I would only get a basic simulator of the iPhone without the expo app, however I followed these instructions I now have the expo app on the IOS simulator, but I still cannot open my project. Has anyone had a similar issue? Again, apologies if this is somewhat obvious.

Thank you

Hey @holdenmaud13,

Can you try running expo start in your project’s directory? On the left side of the web page that the expo devtool opens, you’ll see Run on iOS. Click that and let me know if that works.



Got it working, thanks for your help Adam!

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