Can't open in iOS simulator

Have been having issues where pressing i in the expo command line tool isn’t opening the simulator. Instead I can see my terminal cycling between simctl, osascript, and sometimes node and ngrok. This happened to me last week and is happening again today which is why I’m posting. Makes it so I can’t test on the simulator, only on a physical device.

Hey @raphaelrk,

Sorry you are experiencing this issues with the devtool. Would you mind creating an issue here: Issues · expo/expo-cli · GitHub with any and all information you deem relevant to the simulator not launching?



Snooping around seems to be the same as this issue. Also made a gif of the issue.

Eventually got a pretty poor solution: some combination of updating xcode, reinstalling my node_modules, running expo-cli with sudo and -c finally installed expo on my simulator though it didn’t launch the application. In the simulator I could log into my expo account and then my project would appear in the home tab from which I could run it. Meanwhile expo-cli is still cycling between those commands trying to open the app in the simulator (and heating my computer up while it’s at it).

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Still running into this so I made an issue in the github repo:

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Update, (hopefully) finally found a fix for the issue by running rm ~/.expo/log

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Nice! Thanks for sharing that @raphaelrk. Sorry you had to deal with this in the first place.

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