eas update error


we recently upgraded to the “Production” plan of Expo, in order to have over-the-air updates again.
If I understand correctly: now eas upade should be replacing expo publish right?

If I run eas update I get the following error:

 Error: Unable to determine runtime version for ios/android

I configured the eas.json like this.:

"build": {
    "development": {
      "developmentClient": true,
      "distribution": "internal"
    "preview": {
      "distribution": "internal",
      "ios": {
        "enterpriseProvisioning": "universal"
      "channel": "preview"
    "production": {
      "channel": "production"
  "submit": {
    "production": {}

Other Infos:

  • expo managed workflow
  • eas-cli/0.52.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.15.0
  • expo-cli/5.4.7