EAS Update Issue

I have a question regarding eas updates. We currently have a build on the App Store where the app.json runtimeVersion is set to sdkVersion, the sdkVersion it’s on is 45.0.0, and the channel is called “production”. Now, we just pushed out a new build on the App Store but we changed the app.json runtimeVersion to “appVersion”, the sdkVersion is now 47.0.0 and the channel is still called “production”. I published an update (called the branch v1.1) and changed the production branch to point to this new branch.

The problem I’m running into is that the users that are still on the old build are now getting this alert that says "Error: This app ID has no updates available on the channel named “production” and branch named “v1.1” for the platform “iOS” and runtime version “exposdk:45.0.0”.

Is this the intended outcome? I thought that by running a channel:edit with this new branch, it would at least keep the older one for compatibility. Or the old build should at least detect that it’s not the same runtime and not check for any new versions.

What should I have done here?

Thank you!