Application Serving API - Under Maintenance

The page says the application serving API is under maintenance. We’re seeing our app hang and crash on the launch screen. I’m guessing these are related? Do we have more info on this maintenance, like when it started and how long it will take?

Hey @reidweb1,

I’m really sorry about the inconvenience! The Application Serving API is back to operational, but the maintenance we were performing was regarding old Android projects running SDK version 20 or older and it shouldn’t have had an effect on newer iOS builds (or newer Android builds for that matter). I haven’t seen any other reports of developer’s iOS apps crashing on launch. Can you try running your project with exp start --no-dev --minify? Doing so will give you the same bundle your TestFlight build is being served. Perhaps that could shed some light on the matter.



We’re seeing a similar issue here, started about 3 hours ago, our android client wont work anymore , oddly enough iOS is running normally.

We’ve tried running —no-dev and minified, didn’t solve the issue, app hangs while starting.

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Well, I stand corrected. @rubensbarreto, what SDK version is your android client running?

Latest, SDK 26

At first we thought it was some problem generating the Expo Token, since it normally freezes after generating the Token, but after commenting the line, the app still freezes every time on that android device, the Expo log shows no message at all, the expo client just hangs for a while and then crashes.

We’ve reinstalled Expo but it had no effect.

Oddly enough, the apk built also has the same issue.

Same project as @rubensbarreto

Logs after running --no-dev -minify

the app go as far as running some routines in RootNavigator, since we can see a couple of console.log`s. But it freezes in the first screen.

here’s the link to the published app: exp://

I’m running it on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android 7.1.1. Same issue ocurred in my wife’s Galaxy S8 with Android 8.0.0

More logs

The interesting thing for us is - just a couple minutes before the status page was updated to “All Systems Operational” all of our builds started working again. It could’ve been a coincidence, but I have a feeling that the issue you were trying to fix for SDK<16 builds might’ve effected certain builds with later versions of the SDK as well. In any case, things seem to be back to normal. Thanks for the help!

@reidweb1 What version of the sdk did you see this problem on?

You can see a brief explanation of the incident as I worked on it on the status page, below the component status indicators. I’m going to publish a postmortem going into some more of the details, but in summary, during almost the entire period when I marked the application serving platform as in maintenance, all manifest requests were being served by the same stack that they had been for some months now. For brief periods during that time, and ever since it ended, they’re being served by an updated one.

The timing of your problem is very suspicious to me, which is why I’d like to hear more about it, but you can see why I think its possible that your problem is not directly connected with the maintenance window.

@rubensbarreto @pancastro When an android client cannot request its manifest from our servers, it does not freeze: it crashes back to the homescreen less than a second after being launched, with a notification saying “This app has stopped” or something like that. The hanging problems you’re describing are very serious, but also, I think, not related to the maintenance window. @esamelson, do you have any ideas for diagnosing problems like this?

It was odd, for the problem seemed to “spread”.

At first the app froze when trying to run it using Expo XDE and hosting through LAN in my Windows computer, but it ran normally from Expo XDE in @rubensbarreto’s Mac. Then it started freezing in Mac XDE, but still worked from the published project from @rubensbarreto’s account. Now it freezes no matter how I try to run it, even the generated apk.

On my wife’s phone it still runs from @rubensbarreto’s published project, but freezes if using the installed apk generated from his account and all instances from my account’s project.

Hi @pancastro and @rubensbarreto - this is most likely due to something in your JS code. Are you making a network call early on in the app’s lifecycle? The best thing I can suggest is to comment out different parts of your app to try and isolate the problem. Running exp start --no-dev --minify is a helpful tool for this because it bundles the JS for production, which occasionally produces different behavior than development.

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