Released SDKv16 app stopped working

Anyone else experiencing an app in production in the app stores stopping working?

On iOS it just immediately shuts down on clicking the icon in the home screen.

On Android I get a couple of errors:

  • “Module AppRegistry is not a registered callable module (calling runApplication)”
  • “undefined is not an object (evaluating m.getExponentPushTokenAsync)”

I don’t understand what can have changed, I haven’t published any changes and it’s an SDKv16 app.

I have a same problem, my published android app build with SDKv18 stopped working and is showing the same errors. It was not updated since last July.
Did you resolve your issue? Did you have to update the SDK and republish the app?
Thank you for your response.

I only just found out about it this morning, I’m having to jump 4 SDK versions now to see if that helps.

Not sure how this can be possible on existing published apps?

Sorry, I did not look at the timestamp of your first message.

It seems to me something changed on the Expo side. I hope it can be fixed, so I do not need to republish the app to update the SDK

Hey there, can anybody experiencing this issue share one of the following?

  • An Expo build id from a binary that experiences this issue. (e.g.<your build id here>) I know that might be difficult because some of these apps are so old.
  • If you don’t have a build id, it would also be useful to share your Expo experience id (e.g. @yourname/yourapp) if you are comfortable with that.
  • Let us know whether or not the app is detached (ExpoKit) and whether the behavior is Android-only or happening on both platforms.
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Hi @mlight @lvojnovic - your apps should be working again. We’d pushed out a change to our infrastructure recently which, it turns out, was interacting poorly with older versions of OkHttp (used on Android clients in SDK <=19). This is fixed now, and you can find more information here:

We really apologize for this outage – it was unintentional and bad – and we hope the damage was minimal. We’ll keep monitoring, so please let us know if you continue to see anything like this.

As an aside, we do recommend upgrading to a newer SDK version if you have a chance! :slight_smile: Not only do newer SDK versions come with less buggy versions of OkHttp, but you also have the option of bundling your JS inside of your app so that it doesn’t rely on a network call to start up. (well, almost – this is not yet true for detached Android apps, but will be when SDK 27 comes out.)

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@ben Sorry for no reply. It is due to timezone differences.

@esamelson Thank you very much. I would like to update this app but it was build for a client and there was no new development on it since July, so I can’t use their stores to deploy new standalone apps. They called yesterday and reported this error. I am glad it was resolved this quickly. Thank you again!

Thanks for the update.

Like @Ivojnovic this is an app for a client on which development has long since stopped. Good to know that from SDKv27 it should be possible to remove all reliance on the network, though, thanks.

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