Splash Screen issue and crash IOS/Android

I am having the issue discussed in that topic, app freezes at welcome screen on both IOS and Android, this is frustrating our project and timelines as we have been on the issues for 4 days so far, read articles and solutions, but we cannot fix the issue.

We need help fixing the issue.
We have used SDK version 26, 27, 28 and 29, but we still get same results

I think we all need some more information:

  • What happens when the app starts? (App.js)
  • What libraries do you use?
  • Have you tried creating a new project with the newest SDK version, and recreating your project piece by piece? [SDK 31.0.0].
  • What happens if you build the app and upload a APK on a Android device?
  • Have you tried multiple devices/simulators?

Thanks in advance!

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