Expo client app crashes

I’m finding that when I run my app in the Expo client it regularly crashes, but is fine in a standalone build. Does anyone else see this?

What I often find is that the Expo app in the iOS simulator has disappeared, often when I’m not even interacting with it, I come back and it’s gone.

Similarly running on the Expo app on Android I get errors that the app has stopped regularly. If I build a standalone APK it works perfectly on the same phone.

Any hints would be great, thanks.

iOS simulator logs show “Service exited due to Segmentation fault: 11” or “Service exited due to Segmentation fault: 11”. Something I have noticed is that if there is any invalid JS due to hitting save while part-way through coding, the iOS simulator Expo app can crash instantly, rather than flagging invalid JS.

I’ve noticed this happening a lot lately as well. I don’t get anything in the Expo logs. I’ll have my app sitting there in the background, I’ll be looking at the code or a website or sometimes the simulator will just be sitting there onscreen and I’m doing something else. It just randomly closes the Expo app on the simulator and I see the iOS home screen.

I haven’t had any crash issues on Android since I use a physical device and only do spot testing with it. However, recently there are some functions that work normally on the iOS simulator, but crashes the app on Android even though it’s not doing anything extensive or unusual.

Also, I can no longer see the device logs in Expo for devices I’m testing. So I try to see what comes back from those Android device failures, but the logs don’t appear so I’m at a loss currently on how to debug those issues.

Closing out of the Expo project and closing Expo on my computer and then restarting allowed me to get the logs for my Android device. Still no word on the random iOS simulator crashes.

hi @mlight and @mekyleh

Thanks for writing in. It seems like you might be running into several different bugs. From your post alone, it is really difficult for us to pinpoint the root causes of the problems you are experiencing. It would be really helpful if you could file a bug report for each of the individual issues at Issues · expo/expo · GitHub with a repro of each issue.

Hi, yeah I’m also facing this. And I can’t provide a repo or reproduction steps since the crashes are happening randomly across my app, it even happened without doing anything. But as far as I have experienced this, I can say most of the crashes are due heavy process, example like loading large amounts of data or loading heavy images or loading stuff from gl-react like textures and stuff like that. Example I have cards in my app with a texture background and it will always crash if I load more than 35-40 of these cards. (The crashes are in other parts of the app, not only bc of these cards, also with a list of images)

Oh no! Do you think you’d be able to share a Snack that loads up a variable number of these cards? It would be really good to play with it and see if I can repro. Also, is this on Android or iOS or both?

Yhea even i see the app crashing when ever i try to load something after scanning from the XDE.
The JS bundling takes time but after 100% the Expo Logo flashes, and I need to re scan the QR code and again the JS bundling takes place.
Please look into the crashing issue.
thank you

yeah sure, I just made a really rusty snack Cards - Snack

there with the amounts of cards I putted, it will crash, but if you get that amount to 10 or maybe 20 it will work fine.

Btw @dikaiosune, @quinlanj, in my case these are the logs for exponent

Termination Signal: Segmentation Fault: 11
Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
Termination Process: exc handler [0]
Triggered by Thread: 8

Termination Signal: Segmentation fault: 11
Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
Terminating Process: exc handler [0]
Triggered by Thread: 14


Event: cpu usage
Action taken: none
CPU: 144 second cpu time over 157 seconds, exceeding limit of 80% cpu over 180 seconds
CPU limit: 180s

We’re experiencing this as well. Worse on iOS than on Android… stand-alone builds work fine.

I can actually reproduce this client crash using just the template Expo project “Tab Navigation”.

Opened a Github issue here: https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/1994

I don’t want to spam this post but as I didn’t see anyone mention what I am about to say.

I test on both a Android device running Android 6.0 and a iOS device running iOS 12.0 BETA.

Android 6.0:

App seems to crash pretty often. I noticed it crashes almost always when I leave my app open for a long time without reloading (3-5 minutes).

iOS 12.0 BETA:

I used the new Expo app on both 12.0 BETA and 11. Never had any crashes whatsoever.

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