Frozen Splash Screen on SDK 25 Android Stand-Alone

I had a working Android build, using SDK 24 and recently pushed a SDK 25 build out to get some beta testing going of the stand-alone app. Reports came in that the app wouldn’t load, just froze on the splash screen.

My findings so far:

  • The app works fine in the Expo client (both dev and prod modes)
  • The iOS stand-alone build works fine as well
  • Using (or not using) the AppLoading component seems to have no effect this time (it was causing issues in SDK 22)
  • Across a bunch of Android versions. Produced on v5, v7, v7.1
  • Happens both from Google Play, but also if I just sideload the APK
  • Downgrading to SDK 24 didn’t help. Which makes me think that this has something to do with my bundle. Still weird that Expo Client works perfectly fine.

Logcat (expires in 1 month):
Fabric session:

Culprit found

It appears that registering for push notifications is causing this. As soon as I comment that out of my init promise chain, the app launches.

Working my through the registerForPush promise, it’s
const token = await Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync()

That completely derails the application. I don’t get any exceptions logged or anything. It just freezes.

Github issue:

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