Webhook Not hitting Azure Function

Hi there,

I have created a webhook in EAS to hit an Azure function on build completion.

I can hit this function from Postman with no issues. I used webhook.site to see if Expo was even triggering any webhook at all and that does work. But the webhook to hit the azure function itself doesn’t even seem to run. According to the Azure function logs, it hasn’t been hit.

Webhook.site has the ability to forward the request it receives from Expo onto another URL, so I make it redirect it to the Azure function, and this works.

Is there any possible way to check the logs of the Expo webhooks or is there some insider knowledge I’m not aware of like Expo decides not to post to the “azurewebsites.net” domain?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

hi there! there is no restriction on domains that webhooks will post to, and webhooks are working as expected on our end. try to set up a local server, run it and set up an ngrok tunnel, then add a webhook that points to it to verify that you are configuring the webhook correctly (as explained on the webhooks docs page). i verified this process myself and it works as expected. one thing to verify is that you are adding the webhook to the correct app. maybe you are using environment variables to change the app id (ie: in a whitelabeled project)