Easier way to test webhooks?

Is there any way to quickly send a test webhook without having to rebuild the app? It’s pretty time consuming for me to have to rebuild an android app every time I want to test the webhook. To be clear I’m wanting at test message that has some sort of fake body and a header hash to test as if it’s a real request.

Also eats up expo cpu usage for no reason :grinning:

Hey @iway1, are you using EAS Build?

Also, I’m not sure what’s the requirement to rebuild every time you have to add a new webhook to your app? As far as I understand, they can be tested locally by running your project in development.

Rebuilding is required when you are adding/configuring with the platform or some library that requires a custom native code.

Thanks for the reply, I am using EAS. As far as I can tell there isn’t a way to trigger EAS to send a webhook without actually building with EAS itself? Am I missing something?

I can of course test my code but I can’t test to make sure everything’s working end to end without actually building since that’s the only way to get EAS to send the webhook message?

I suppose you could build once and capture the request. Then just replay it yourself when you want to test :slight_smile:


that’s a good idea but at the end of the day I have to test the thing end to end with the real server before I can be confident that it’s actually working