Feature request: include install URL (and QR image) in webhook artifact data

I’d like to use an EAS webhook to post a Slack notification for succesful adhoc builds. For these builds, I’d like to display the install link in the Slack notification (or better yet, the QR that’s shown when you select install on the build details page).

Using the appId and id fields, I can construct the install url (itms-services:// etc. etc.) manually, but it would be nice if it was included in the artifacts array.

Bonus points for including a QR image URL as artifact :moneybag:

One other thing I cannot find out, is whether the build is in fact an adhoc build or not, from the metadata in the webhook. Is there any way to determine this?

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In addition: the buils details page URL would also be great. In case of an errored build, I’d like to put a link to the build details in my notification, and I need to manually construct that one now, which is not straightforward (account name is only in the URL when it’s different from username for example).

And I seem to be missing the Android versionCode. On iOS, there’s appVersion and appBuildVersion, on Android I only see appVersion

Hey @kbrandwijk, thanks for taking the time to write up some feedback and give us your ideas on how to improve the EAS flow. Let me relay this internally and see where the team would like to collect/track EAS feedback.

(Saw your other two posts as well. Holding off an responding in them until we know the best path forward!)


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Thanks @adamjnav, that sounds like a plan. The missing versionCode for Android builds is a bit of a showstopper though, as I have no way to report back on the version of the build on Android without it.

I have workarounds for everything else in this post at least, because for now, I’ve manually constructed the install URL, use a free online service to generate the QR on the fly, and manually generate the build details URL, and I’m using the buildProfile name to ‘know’ if it’s supposed to be an adhoc build (though hardcoded).

Hi @kbrandwijk . I am looking for the method to get the install URL along with QR code for successful builds triggered by our automated CI pipeline and upload them into S3 bucket for internal sharing between team members. I am wondering if you can share with me the details of your workaround solution your mentioned above.


For iOS, I’m using this URL when generating the QR code:

const url = `itms-services://?action=download-manifest;url=https://exp.host/--/api/v2/projects/${context.params.appId}/builds/${context.params.id}/manifest.plist`;

For Android (as I’m just downloading the APK there), I’m using context.params.artifacts.buildUrl directly.

thank you for a quick response.
Can you advise how to create context instance? Is there any reference to guide document ?

context.params is just referring to the payload (body) of the webhook call on my platform of choice (autocode).

@kbrandwijk, thanks for your request! I came here looking for the same thing. I’m sad to see that @adamjnav hasn’t returned since July.