Slack Integration

Is there a plan to support Slack integration officially?

I want to be notified in my Slack workspace when EAS Build has completed.
Existing build webhook is ok, but I want to avoid making integration by myself.
( I think many of developers write similar code. )
Official Slack integration would be helpful for developers!

hi there! this would indeed be a nice thing to have out of the box! we’ll get to it eventually, but i think until then using webhooks with a tool like zapier should hopefully make this not too difficult – although certainly not as easy as just clicking a button :slight_smile:

I have implemented this using Autocode. I need to make some small tweaks, and then I’ll release it as ready to use Autocode app. The only issues I have are with the Android and iOS build numbers in the webhook, that I’ve posted about in their own topic.

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