Slack Integration

Is there a plan to support Slack integration officially?

I want to be notified in my Slack workspace when EAS Build has completed.
Existing build webhook is ok, but I want to avoid making integration by myself.
( I think many of developers write similar code. )
Official Slack integration would be helpful for developers!

hi there! this would indeed be a nice thing to have out of the box! we’ll get to it eventually, but i think until then using webhooks with a tool like zapier should hopefully make this not too difficult – although certainly not as easy as just clicking a button :slight_smile:

I have implemented this using Autocode. I need to make some small tweaks, and then I’ll release it as ready to use Autocode app. The only issues I have are with the Android and iOS build numbers in the webhook, that I’ve posted about in their own topic.


This looks great! Since it’s been 16 days from your comment, have you had a chance to release this? I need to implement this now and it would be amazing. Thank you!

While it’s been working great so far, the only thing that is still blocking me right now is that I have no way to pass in what Slack channel I want the messages to be posted to. I currently have to create a new endpoint for every channel, so that I can hardcode it in.

If you were to use this in your own Express server (for example) you could probably solve that by routing, taking the channel from the URL. I’ll put the code up on Github, and share a link.

Hey Agartha, I’m really interested in this. Have you posted the code to github? Thanks!

I quickly put the raw version of the code in a gist:

It’s meant to be used on Autocode, so there’s some specifics in there around the library that’s used to create the Slack message, but this can easily be adaptable to other libs as well.

The Slack channel is hardcoded at the top because Autocode doesn’t support URL routing parameters. If you run your own Express server (or similar) you could grab that from the URL.

All you need to do on EAS to set it up is simply create a webhook pointing to your url.

Hey Kim,
Thank you for sharing the solution,
I think if we could have a EAS slack integration that works out of the box (i.e we can subscribe to build or submission or EAS updates (on specific channels/branches)) easily via the EAS dashboards that would be great.
For an enterprise product this is a problem many companies will run into and we would like to create dedicated slack channels for notifications from EAS, it would be amazing if you guys could create a ticket for this and add it to the road map! (slack integrations are relatively inexpensive to build)