EAS Build Webhook Being Called 3 Times Each Build

Whenever our builds happen, our webhook listener gets called three times. Each invocation has the same id, and the same status ('“status”: “finished”). I have tried this both using a webhook listener on a server and as a lambda, and it’s the same for both. I have verified using Postman that the logic in my webhook isn’t doing something strange.

I could theoretically make my webhook listener idempotent but that seems like a lot of work (and state) just to wire up a build pipeline.

eas webhook:list shows

eas webhook:list
★ eas-cli@3.16.0 is now available.
To upgrade, run npm install -g eas-cli.
Proceeding with outdated version.

:heavy_check_mark: Found 1 webhooks on project @tmcdo/my-ssdev

ID b64bfc05-a4e4-4be8-a722-5164e97a183a
URL https://.lambda-url.us-east-1.on.aws/
Created at 7/22/2023, 1:44:36 PM
Updated at 7/22/2023, 1:44:36 PM