Warning with the Google Play 64-bit requirement

I can’t publish my app to to play store even with the warning, I’m not able to click on the deploy buttonCapture

Yes, that is happening to me as well. Any news?

Fill all the 4 unchecked sections in the left panel

Yes, I already realized of that. Thanks a lot man! :slight_smile:

So I have to open this issue in August cause, that 64 bit feauture will be required.

Yes, because as far as I know it is not supported by expo yet

During the install itunes on windows 7 suddenly the installer crashed and I could not install the application at all. So please help me to fix the problem so that I can work with it again.

Why do u need itunes on windows 7? if u wan to get the ipa file u dont need that at all.

So guys how to solve the 64 bit warning issue ? I have an app ready to deploy.

you can deploy your app just fine for now, we’ll add 64bit support to expo in sdk34 or 35, well before the requirement takes effect

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Thank you, I hope that in order to update my current app. u guys are doing a great work.

Fill all the 4 unchecked sections in the left panel

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