64-bit App for android

Hi together,

does anybody if it is possible to deploy a new 32-bit android app to the play store? I tried to start a internal test, respectively an alpha test on play store, however, my app is being rejected since it doesn’t have a 64-bit version.

I would be glad if somebody could help me in that matter!




Hey @andy1996,

I haven’t heard of this happening and as far as I know it certainly should be possible. Google’s 64-bit requirement for new uploads is not supposed to take effect until August. https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2019/01/get-your-apps-ready-for-64-bit.html

Have you tried reaching out to google for more information?


I too am running into an issue with this - I can’t get past the start start rollout page for an internal test, as the “Start Rollout to Internal Test” button is greyed out. It appears that this is because of a warning being displayed on the page: “The following APKs or App Bundles are available to 64-bit devices, but they only have 32-bit native code:…”

Is this what you’re seeing @andy1996?

Yes, however I solved it. You need to fill out every category of the bar on the left hand-side, so that every hook is checked.


Thanks! Leave it up to google to make confusing UIs.

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Wait, what bar on the left hand side? I’m having this problem as well

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I am having same issue , can you please tell me how to fix this

Same here… :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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What will happen with our expo app, when it arrives on August 1st 2019 ?, I imagine that there will be some way to compile a 64bit code.

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Yes, we’ll roll out support for 64 builds before then, but it only affects new build submissions. Google won’t remove existing apps on the store.


I meant this bar on the left handside, but since I already released my app, the categories are bit different than yours. So there are, I think, 4 categories with greyed out check boxes. and each box has to be green

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