So, no way to deploy a new Android app for now?

We planned to release our new Cashmark app on the same day both for Apple and Android.

But while Apple build worked great and was approved quickly, Android app can’t be released due to the famous 64-bit Warning.

Does this effectively mean Expo can’t be used to build Android apps until at least v33?

I just released an app to alpha testing on the Play store without issue. I got the 64 bit warning but it was just a warning and didn’t prevent me from deploying. IIRC it says there is a cutoff date after which apps won’t work unless they are 64 bit compatible but that they should work OK until then. Maybe you have another error preventing deployment?

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Well, we spent half a day yesterday trying to find another cause. Cause (lol) warning is not supposed to prevent anything, but still.

Hi Andre,
I have deployed a brand new app last week, got the warning but deployed just fine, are you sure it is not for something else?

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Thanks everyone, apparently it WAS about something else. App deployed.

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