Standalone App Stuck On Splash Screen

Im newbie at react and react native, im devoloping a app on expo. it was work well before i export an apk. But now when i install it to my phone or nox emulator it stuck on splash screen and shows me these screen again and again but never navigate to main screen.
code :
i pushed before run expo build:android
Thank you and have a nice day

Hey, could you please also send the offending APK? :slightly_smiling_face:

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my problem still continues. nobody knows how to fix?

Hey, I successfully reproduced the issue on an Android 4.4 emulator, looking into it.

I’ve just found the underlying issue, as soon as Github is stable and CI works back again we’ll push the fix to Turtle builders. I’ll keep you updated. :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you

Thanks, any updates?

Hey! Yesterday Github had a serious outage and we depend on it and webhooks to build and deploy new versions of Android builders. We’re working to fix this issue now.

The update has been deployed to Turtle builders, try rebuilding your APKs — the problem should be gone! :sunny:

Its working well, thank you for your support. I have a question too. Is it impossible to run these apk with a phone has 4.2.2 version?

Unfortunately we don’t support Android versions below Android 4.4 KitKat (in fact with the release of SDK31 we’ll drop support for that too and start supporting Androids 5+).


I have same problem. My app worked well with developing and production mode but when i build it for android stuck on splash screen.

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