Standalone apk freezes at launch screen

Can people on this thread please share their code or a small example that reproduces this problem?

Did this work for you? for me it did not

I just tried a standalone build of this SDK 28 project which uses AppLoading, and the splash screen dismissed correctly for me:

I’m not sure what combination of features reproduces this bug, so please point me to a Github project where I can reproduce this.

no, it did’nt

It hapens on sdk 29

It hapens on sdk 29

Unfortunately this is not enough information for me to resolve the issue. It definitely doesn’t happen on all SDK 29 projects because I just tested one and it works. I want to help resolve this issue but I need a Github project that reproduces the bug first.

The same problem happen to me, I tried in sdk 27 and 28. The splash screen seems to be covering the main screen and never get hide. What info will be useful for you?

I would like source code that reproduces this problem.

You can check the artifact here
And source code


Thanks for sending code! That reproduces the issue so I’ll start working on it.

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if you need my help or more details don`t hesitate to ask.

The workaround of removing the splash screen described here in #2038 worked for me.

This issue also seems to affect iOS, although iOS wasn’t hung at the splash screen, it was able to render my app’s loading spinner post-splash but would not progress any further until the splash screen was removed.

There does seem to be something build-related going on. Even though my APK now works (sans splash screen), it’s loading a module that no longer exists.

I previously had a SomePage.native.js and SomePage.web.js. These were unified into a single cross-platform “SomePage.js” earlier in the week, with multiple subsequent builds working A-OK.

Curiously, now that my app loads thanks to the remove-the-splash-screen workaround, I all of a sudden see the content of the old SomePage.web.js … even though that file definitely no longer exists locally or on my build servers. Oddly, this happens only in the Android app. iOS is A-OK, post-workaround.

Just sharing in case it’s a clue.

Everything was working fine for us until yesterday afternoon or evening, PST.


Currently deploying a fix. Will take another ~30 minutes or so before it’s out. Thank you @torico for the source code.


The fix is deployed now, you’ll have to run exp build:android again. Let me know if it isn’t fixed for you.


Hey @jesse, it works :slight_smile: Thank you!

@jesse, it works now. Thanks man!!! :facepunch:

Thank you!

Great! Sorry about that everyone.

Hi Guys… I am now facing this issue.My app works fine in development but in apk it freezes.

Expo version using in this project is 25.0.0

Can anyone suggest me to resolve this?

Facing the same issue. Im on Expo version 28