Set up different language for iOS app

Hello, I want my app to support only one language - polish. The problem is some of built in components aren’t translated, for example when app asks for permissions they are in english despite phone’s language is polish. The problem occurs only for iOS, android is fine.

I think i need to set primary langue to polish but there is no such option in: iTunes Connect → My apps → App Store → App information → Localizable Information

I have also read this article: App Store Connect - Support - Apple Developer

And they say that if I can’t pick the language I want: “there’s no metadata entered for the language” so how to add one?

I don’t have any experience as an iOS developer.

Any thoughts how I could solve this problem?

i’m not an expert here but i think you can manually set locale through RN but then you might need to add i18n which you do not need since the app is in only polish.

use this while setting default as polish?

I think we need to add support for this in our standalone app builder, as it requires configuring the iOS NSBundle to add a *.lproj directory. We’re tracking this and will add it when we get a chance.

Answer edited in 2018: We support adding .lproj localization directories to your native iOS build if you provide localized system strings for your app.

@ben Any progress on this issue?

@llukasxx Did you find any workaround?

In my case I need to change ‘Choose’/‘Cancel’ labels on ImagePickerIOS UI.
As I understand, it is rendered by iOS itself.

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