Unable to change the language displayed on App Store

Hello, I’ve just built an app with Expo and it has been an awesome tool.

The app is live on both stores, but I have a problem with the App Store: I cannot find a way to change the Language displayed in the app info section. I need to change from english to italian (I think this is preventing the app from being found in the search results).

I’ve read in the Apple docs that it is taken from the IPA, but can’t find a way to set it in React Native/Expo.

Any hints ?

Thank you!

Hi Antonio!

If you were wondering whether you can use Expo or React Native to change app info instantly (over the air), the answer is that you cannot. Instead, you’ll need to build and submit a new IPA in order to change the app info.

However, for setting that info, check the localizing system dialogs section in our docs: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v26.0.0/guides/app-stores.html#localizing-system-dialogs-on-ios

Does this help?

Thank you Schazers!

I didn’t pretend to change that info with an OTA update, I was just looking to build the app with the correct default language set up.

I’m going to try that soon!

Thank you

Setting the “locales” property in app json worked perfectly, thank you!

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