Default app language (iOS)

SDK Version: 43.0.0
Platforms: iOS

Problem: Language of published app is default set to english.
Question: How can i switch to another default language (in a mono language app)?

I created an App for iOS and Android. I’m not setting up any localization options. I just built the app without i18n or something else. The app just displayed in german language so all text/content in the app is hardcoded. (eg. <Button>Herunterladen</Button>.)

I published the app to Play Store and App Store.

Play Store

In Play Store Console i changed the language from default english to german. Play Store users get the right language information about the app. (The app is in german language)

App Store

In the App Store, i cant switch the language from default english to german.
I contacted the App Store team. The answer is:

The languages that are listed for your app in the App Store are determined by the localization (.lproj) folders in your app bundle. Missing or invalid localizations in your app bundle are typically caused by misconfigured localizations in your Xcode project.

How to build and publish the app in one specific language?

How expo (managed project) is accessing/creating the .lproj-file? Where can i changed the default app language in expo?

I saw the Section about Localization. Do I have to do insert this localization module? Is this module related with the .lproj-file Apple support is talking about?

Can somebody point me in the right direction?
Thank you so much.

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