How to change default language


I would like to make French as default language in my iOS standalone app, developed using expo. Currently, according to the app store, my app is in English…

Is there anyway to specify this in app.json ?

Thanks :wink:


Hi! You can change the default language when you submit your app: Change default language for app listing in iTunes Connect - Stack Overflow. It’s not something that Expo controls.

Hi @jesse,

I tried this, but figured out that I only have french as primary language in itunesconnect:

It seems that expo is forcing languages to English in my app page:

I didn’t do any translation to my app, as it’s intended to be only in French.

Any idea on how to correct that?

Thanks again!

Hi! To add support for other languages in your native iOS config, the best thing to do is to provide system strings in your language like this. Sorry we don’t do a great job documenting this right now.

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