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  1. SDK Version: 36
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When building a standalone app, I couldn’t find any settings or CLI to change the native language. I did find informations regarding language for permissions, but my apps buttons (Camera for example) is still english but has to be german (Cancel, Retake, Undo, Cut etc). The WebBrowser seems to pick the system language.

Where can we set the language? The only option providing a --language was only when uploading to TestFlight using the expo-cli.

Before working with Expo, I usally opened XCode and set the platform language to german.

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This is the solution: (app.json > ios.infoPlist)

  "CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations": true,
  "CFBundleDevelopmentRegion": "de",

It’s worth a note in the docs! I searched very long for this.


Thanks for posting this. Although wouldn’t that have the same problem if users want to use a language other than German? i.e. does this mean that the buttons will always be in German regardless of the user’s language settings?

I made some tests and changed the simulator to english and region to USA.
For the share sheet, it was mixed german with english, but Camera and Safari (WebBrowser) Buttons were english. Switching back to german, everything was german without any mixed language strings.

(using ios.infoPlist)

"CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations": true,
"CFBundleDevelopmentRegion": "de",

For my case, it is totally fine, since the case before was that all UI-Buttons have been english (only WebBrower was reflecting the correct language strings) no matter what I’ve done or set as system language. Now, mostly all text is set to the users iPhone settings with few exeptions (share sheet). I can live with that.

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Thanks for testing and reporting back.

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