Reloading time of new project takes about 15 seconds

Hi! i downloaded de XDE app, created a new empty project. Then i run it into the ios Simulator, ive noticed that after the 100% on the right of “Downloading JS Bundle” disapears it stays like 15 seconds to show the app. Then i make a change and takes 15 seconds in showing me the change. The same happens on mi Android devices.

I dont know whats wrong i would like to use this library but if i had to wait that time its imposible.


What type of host do you use for your Expo XDE?

Did you use tunnel? If yes, try changing it to LAN. For me, the LAN is a lot faster than the tunnel.

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Im using the out of the box configuration. Where can i change that?

Thanks for replying

I could change it thanks! Now its fast!!