Why is downloading (and sometimes building) JS bundle slow

I may not have the greatest internet connection, but with my connection, it usually takes about 5-10 seconds for my bundle download. This is enough time for me to lose my “development flow”.

is there a way to set up my phone to get the bundle through USB port instead of over LAN/tunnel? Or, I wonder if it would be possible for Expo to download a patch instead of the full file (I’m assuming the bundle is pretty large probably?). Or, Any other tips/ideas?

Do you mean downloading a new bundle via OTA updates to a standalone app? Or is this all in the Expo Client, running via expo start? In that case, you could try enabling hot reloading for a little more speed, although starting up your dev server is probably going to take a few seconds regardless

Thanks. Hot reloading seems to work sometimes but not other times. Everything works a little bit flaky on my system. Sometimes the JS rebuilds really quick. Other times it gets stuck and I have to refresh the client to trigger a rebuild. Quite strange!

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