Slow reload times


I have been developing using Expo’s online IDE and simulator making Snacks.

Today I decided to setup a local dev env Using expo on my mac. The first thing I noticed is that the reload times take really, really long as compared to using the web IDE “Snack”.

I also tried enabling hot reloading and that seemed to make it take longer.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions or could give me some insight on if this is just the state of things with developing Expo currently. The videos I see online make it look like changes are near instant - on mine its about 1 min.

Any insight would be much appreciated, Thanks!

update -

This is not a fix but… I have found that if you open up the performance monitor inside the Iphone simulator, it updates like it should.

Can someone else confirm this? And also why does this solve the issue?

I also posted on reddit for help…

I will report back when I figure out a better solution if no other feedback here.

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