Random OnePlus devices freeze on startup on SDK44 but work on SDK43

Hello! We got a bug report from three OnePlus device users that their application freezes on startup. I had the exact same device (OnePlus 8T) with the same Android and OxygenOs versions, but could not replicate the problem.

So, the only way was to strip down packages from the app, create an APK and ask the users to test. Nothing worked and finally I created a blank template app with “expo init” using the latest SDK44. This didn’t work either for the users, so I went down a version to SDK43 using just a blank template app and this worked.

What changes were introduced in the SDK44 that could freeze the startup of the app for some random OnePlus users?

Hey @orteidni, you can find changes for a given SDK release in our Change Log. Have you been able to dive into the device logs at all to get an insight into what is causing the fatal error/crash?

Hello! I searched through the Google Play Console for crashes and ANR’s filtering for the freezing devices, but couldn’t find any reports. This indicates that the app does not crash, but just freezes. Since all the devices experiencing this issue are located far from our office, I haven’t had the chance to debug them physically. If I made a custom APK for the user to install, is there a possibility to review the device logs remotely?

Hi @orteidni

Not sure if this will give you any more info, but it might be worth trying Sentry.

Not as far as I know, but I suspect this would not be specific to Expo. So maybe there’s a generic Android way of doing this, but I’m not confident.

Although a quick search turned up some possible solutions, but they would require some work:

Thanks wodin for the tip! We’ll give Sentry a go in the future if there are problems with upcoming SDK versions. The problem with remote debugging is the actual bugging of clients with test versions, so it’s better to give it a rest for now.

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