App crashing on certain Android devices

The app is suddenly crashing on certain devices. This particular user was able to use the app before. With previous versions, and maybe even this verison too.

Now, he cannot use the app even if he restarts.

Here’s the error log.

Hey @saeho,

What SDK version are you using? Always include that info as it helps us a lot with solving issues like this. Also, letting me know of any changes you made before this issue cropped up would also be helpful!

Also, I’ve seen the unexpected end of script issue crop up when js bundle was not unzipped properly. Have you zipped it at all?


I didn’t “zip” the js bundle. I’m actually unaware how to do that.

I’m using the latest SDK version. I always have Expo CLI and Expo SDK udpated to the latest.

I have more reports on Android than I do with iOS, the last 2 versions were yesterday and 1 week ago. I’m not sure if there’s any issues with yesterday’s version yet.

The version 1 week ago had issues with just 1 Android user, she was able to use the app with the version older than 1 week ago and I don’t remember any significant changes between the 1 week ago version and the older ones.

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