Working fine on locally but on Builded APK is crash

  1. SDK Version: Expo 46
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
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We are face 2 issues:

  1. App is working fine on local(Expo) but Build APK is crash when install and run on device
  2. New changes are not reflecting on new build APK.

Please advice on both issue.

Hi! For the (1) issue, I’d suggest going through our debugging guide and use adb logcat to view the streaming logs and find the underlying issue.

I’m a bit confused by your statement. In the (1) you mentioned that the Build APK is not running on a device, then, how are you able to see if the changes are reflected or not in the new build? Also, what kind of changes do you think are not included in the latest build? Are they assets, JS code or something else? Please elaborate.

i have similar issue apk build is failed on expo dashboard but it is working in local simulators.
expo ssdk-44
Also apk build was successfull 2 month ago the now app build of the same app crashed.
can you suggest what can be best possible way to upgrade from sdk 44 to sdk 46 or higher

We recommend upgrading SDK versions incrementally, one at a time. Doing so will help you pinpoint breakages and issues that arise during the upgrade process.

Thanks i have upgraded it to sdk 45 & Build is successfull.
but app is working on simulators and in expo go app.but some screens are not opening on physical device when i installed expo android internal distribution on my android.

Can you elaborate what do you mean by some of the screens are not opening? Are you seeing any errors in console for those screens when you are testing the development build in simulators?

it is some internal issue of my physical device. after restarting app working just fine

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Glad to hear it is working!

Hi ,

We are having same issue. It works fantastic locally using expo start. But as soon as we create apk for android using eas build -p android --profile preview , our .apk build successfully. But when we run on any device it only shows our splash screen and close automatically.

Can you please guide us step by step as we are new in react expo?

Thanks in Advance

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