Push Notifications on Bare Workflow, InvalidCredentials: Could not find APNs credentials

I’ve started the application with the Expo platform, and the notifications were working as usual.

After the eject, I’ve configured the FCM for Android and the APNS credentials for ios (as reported here)

For Android there are no issues, all working fine with firebase. For iOS, I’ve never received a push notification since the eject.

From the Push Notification Tool, when i try with an iOS token, it shows the error InvalidCredentials: Could not find APNs credentials for com.no-gravity.mrpoke (@Burici/mr-poke). You may need to generate or upload new push credentials.

I’ve tried to clean up Expo credentials with exp build:ios -c, recreate the key with expo credentials:manager -p ios and let expo handle the process, and I see the push notification key on the Apple Developer portal.

If I do ‘Use existing Push Notification Key in the current project’ the cli return a successful message.

How can I test if the Expo has valid APNs credentials?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: Expo 40.0 - Expo cli 4.3.4
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

Fix: the issue was the experienceId.

The account name is in Capital, but the experienceId is always in lower case.

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Thanks for following up with the solution, @burici.

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