Push Notifications on Managed Workflow, InvalidCredentials: Could not find APNs credentials

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  1. SDK Version: 47
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS
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I’m implementing a push notifications feature at my app. On Android is all fine, but on ios always that i use Expo’s Push API to test this feature in standalone app, i receive this error:

details: {
    apns: { reason: 'InvalidProviderToken', statusCode: 403 },
    error: 'InvalidCredentials',
    errorCodeEnum: 6,
    sentAt: 1675195142
  message: `The Apple Push Notification service failed to send the notification (reason: InvalidProviderToken, status code: 403). Read Apple's docs about "Communicating with APNs" to learn what this error means.`

(this is response of the API getReceipts that is used to get more information of the request)

Well, i tried a lot different ways to fix this, like:

  • Use eas credentials at my project a lot of times and reconfigurate keys, certificates and profiles
  • Tried to submit app on app store to see if error was because my tests used to be at TestFlight app

I’m pretty sure that this error is related with expo’s backend, maybe with Expo’s Push API.