InvalidCredentials: Could not find APNs credentials

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  1. SDK Version: 41.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):all
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Good afternoon.

Initially, everything worked and test messages came, the problems started after changed the Apple Push Key.

When I try to send a message via the expo notification tool on ios, I constantly get the message: InvalidCredentials: Could not find APNs credentials for ru.shoko.mobileStuffShoko (MB26A08FFE212). You may need to generate or upload new push credentials… I change the credentials generate new token and nothing happens.

It feels like my changes don’t apply on your side.

I updated the Apple Push Key, nothing changes, the error is the same.

If I run it through the Expo application, then everything is fine. push comes. If through my application I get an error.

Help plz.

update to sdk 44, nothing happened

Hey @devshoko, after you made the changes to the apns credentials did you rebuild your app? If not, you’ll need to do so.


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