Push notification

Hello, I am trying to send pushNotification through Expo’s push notification services. At development time, running the application via Expo Client, I get the push, but when I generate the build and install on the device the push does not work. Any tips on what I need to do? I followed the documentation using Firebase, submitted the Server Key to expo API, but it doesn’t work. Always returns the message “ExponentPushToken [xxxxxxxxxx]” is not a registered push notification recipient.


You’ll need to get the new Push token from the standalone build, as it’ll will be different from the push token generated in the Expo Client version of your app.

thks for answer. After clear android data and cache, a new pushKey was generated and worked fine.

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hi, friends, i have same problem like you, but in IOS standalone version, i dont know how to confiure in apple dev, i configured below

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