Please Help! ios notification problem.

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  1. SDK Version:40
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):Ios
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I can’t get push notifications in testflight
Expo notification tool returns

DeviceNotRegistered: “ExponentPushToken[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]” is not a registered push notification recipient

I followed official guides, than used

expo build:ios --clear-credentials

Deleted push notifications key in the Apple Developer Console. And push notification is enabled in provisioning profile. Read a lots of document, github issues, forum posts still can’t figure it out.

Please help i am stuck, i can’t distribute my app due to push notification problem.

I tried to upload p8 file to expo servers. But still not working

Any expo moderators to answer my question?

Are you sure that push token is the up-to-date? DeviceNotRegistered on iOS usually indicates a problem with your credentials setup (and if you ran expo build:ios --clear-credentials that means you deleted your push key, so you have to set up a new one)

Thanks for reply. Yes i am sure , i set up an alert window. I see the latest token when app is opened. I deleted push key but initated new one like mentioned in documents. Error still persists

can you send the problematic push token, along with your project slug and bundleIdentifier to my email (

I sent it! Thanks

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