push notification expo 32

I have a problem with push notification ios/android in standalone app…
with expo client work fine but with prod api not arive the notification push… all certificate ios are active and android have the same problem

  • standalone app
  • expo sdk32.0.6
  • expo push notifications tool → respond status:ok - server or expo push notifications tool with prod token not working

whats wrong?

thanks a lot

i have this message:

“The recipient "ExponentPushToken[op4SVmLh2A-MTavVjQwRan]" is associated with a different experience than "@cwsmobile/planet-app"”

Hi @cwsmobile!
Are you re-using the old push token from when you tested in the Expo client?

nu… i use keys push notification …
i have update expo from 30.0.0 to 32.0.6 and i have add “slug”: “planetApp”

I should’ve phrased my question better- are you getting a new push token from the device (to send the notification to)? Or did you save the old one and continue using it?

Also- after making those changes you mentioned, did you run expo build:ios?

Yes, i take the new token everytime make a login or reopen app from background.
and yes i make expo build:ios after update expo and uploand in the store

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