Does notification tool work with the client?


I copied this code Push Notifications Overview - Expo Documentation to my sample project and published it. Then I opened it in Expo app on my iPhone and was able to send a notification.

Then I went to Push Notification Tool — Expo and tried to send a notification but got this error: DeviceNotRegistered: "ExponentPushToken[XXXXXXXXXX]" is not a registered push notification recipient

What am I missing here?

Also, I tried to generate a notification in a web browser which did not work and gave me this link in the error message: main doco url /guides/using-vapid/?redirected. Unfortunately, this link doesn’t work.



Hey @spontanexpo,

The notifications tool is expected to work when sending notifications to the Expo client. Are you getting the same thing with other token values?


I tried only this one. What is the easiest way to debug this problem?