Published app fails to load on ios

I published an app that I can successfully load on the expo app on android.

I asked another person to load it on expo app on iOS.

They got the error message

There was a problem loading the experience

when I asked them to click on error details it reads

“Error while loading: A server with the specified hostname could not be found…” (code - 1003)

what could be the issue here?

How are you sharing the app with them? Looks like their phone believes it just needs to open the link “exp://”

@ben, as i mentioned, i asked them to load the app inside the Expo app on iOS.

As far as i understand the user

  1. downloaded and installed expo app from apple app store
  2. pressed the “+” icon in upper right hand corner
  3. searched for my expo app and found it
  4. clicked it to install/download it
  5. got the error i described.

I just reread what my user sent me.
it looks like the “+” icon on iOS is not the same as “explore” on android?

Hi! The plus icon on iOS is not the same as the explore tab on Android – the easiest way to open a published app inside the client on iOS is to go to and tap the “open in expo” link.

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Alright. Now I understand the confusion he was having.