Could not load app published in Expo in ios device

I publish app to Expo from my npm Expo-cli. I test my Expo client on IOS and Android devices.

In Android, I could load and run straightaway.

However, in IOS I could only load the app after I login. Otherwise, this is the error:

There was a problem loading the requested app.
Try again
Go back to Expo Home
Could not load exp://

Hey @yeungma,

This is expected behavior. Due to a restriction enforced by Apple, users need to be logged into the account that authored the app in order to be able to run it.


Hi Adam,

Only my a account can open? Can I author other users and how?


Yes, only the account that authored the app/experience can open it on iOS. You have two options to make testing and allowing other users to open your app.

  1. Signing up for our Developer Services ( that enables Teams which you can then add multiple Expo accounts to which grants them permission to open the app. You can read more about how Account permissions works here:

  2. Using Apple’s official testing platform TestFlight (

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