Expo - Can't open publish app on my team account on iOS device


i have started an expo app recently for me and my team, we have a team account where all the members are included.

Recently we publish our app using the expo publish and everything is working fine (for android users), but when we try to open on iOS devices the app doesn’t open.

The error that appears on screen was:

There was a problem loading the requested app.

The operation couldn't be completed.( EXNetwork error: 403).

On my team there are a few members with iOS devices.

Please let me now, why this error occurs and what can i do to solve this.



Hi! are those team members logged in to the Expo client app? what version of the Expo client app are you using?

These are the members, they are all logged in

Te App version is 2.17.1

Hi @charliecruzan, how are you ?

Please, if you need any info about the project or the team account, just let me know. I really wanna solve this to keep developing process of the app

Having the same problem here, is it a iOS 14 incompatibility?

We are also having the same issue

Same here. User on iPhone X, Expo 2.17.1 can’t access due to this error.
Works fine on Android.

Same issue on iOS 13.x (some version before upgrading to iOS 14).
iOS 13.x it shows “The operation couldn’t be completed.( EXNetwork error: 403).”
iOS 14.0.1 it only shows “could not load exp://exp.host/@[USERNAME]/[PROJECT_NAME]”

Fine on iOS 12.4.8 .

I just tested this on iOS 13 on Expo app 2.17.1 with Expo-CLI v3.27.7 and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue

steps were:

  • expo init a new SDK 39 project
  • add owner: <my account> to app.json
  • run expo publish
  • log into Expo app as a team member
  • open the project via the deep link (i.e. exps://exp.host/@charliecruzan/projectSlug)
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Pretty sure is a iOS 14 issue, can you update?

@charliecruzan thanks for the answer. In my case i’m not the owner of the team and the expo account. But me, and the others members that have iphone’s are part of the team on the expo account.

@shakascchen commented above saying he experienced this on iOS 13

@charliecruzan, hi :wave:
I have the same issue both on iOS 13 and iOS 14: project opens with QR-code on Android, but not on iOS device. Moreover, it’s only me who can open this project on the real device(logged as my account). Despite that others can open project with QR-code on Android devices.

hi @charliecruzan
we experienced the same issue as described above. the app works well on android, but when we are trying to run the app on the IOS it shows an issue

There was a problem loading the requested app.

The operation couldn't be completed.( EXNetwork error: 403).

we use the latest version of EXPO client and IOS 13.7

can you help us, pls?

So it looks like there is definitely an issue here since quite a few people are reporting it, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it so far. Can someone list out the exact sequence of steps to take, including expo-cli version, and if they are using team accounts? The more details, the better, I really want to get this fixed for you all!

  1. Expo Client - version 2.17.1
  2. IOS - version 13.7
  3. we don’t use a team account
  • run Expo app on iPhone
  • open the link to the app expo on the laptop
  • open the camera on iPhone and detect QR code
  • click on the Expo push notification at the top of the screen
  • then I catch error like this:
There was a problem loading the requested app.

The operation couldn't be completed.( EXNetwork error: 403).

please note, the app works well on an android, so the issue connected with IOS only. Thank you! @charliecruzan

@charliecruzan, in our case:

  1. expo --version - 3.27.12
  2. iOS version 13.5.1 and another device has 13.7
  3. not a team account


  1. After publishing my project I gave some people URL like this one https://expo.io/@kiramarks/[project name]
  2. They tried to scan QR code with Apple devices
  3. But after clicking at push notification they had the next error:
There was a problem loading the requested app.
The operation couldn't be completed. (EXNetwork error: 403).

on Android devices, these steps don’t force this error.

@kiramarks to open the app on iOS the people you gave the URL to would need to be signed in as @kiramarks

@lemonchink are you logged in on the Expo app as the user that published the project you’re trying to open?

Do you have a network connection when trying to open the project?

nope, I am not logged as the user who published the project.

yes, network connection is good. double-checked


  1. why it works this way with iOS, but not with Android?
  2. Is it possible somehow to share QR-code of a project with other people so they can scan and open a project on iPhone with their account (not mine @kiramarks)?
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