Can't open my app on iOS app on device

I have been developing my app and using both iOS simulator and the iOS app. Recently, I have been unable to load my app using the iOS app on my iPhone. Using both the QR scanner and the SMS service, my app tries to open exp://localhost:19000 and I get the following message:

“There was a problem loading the experience.” and “Error while loading: Could not connect to the server…” (code -1004).

At first I thought it might have had something to do with my router, I just got a new internet provider set up at home. So I brought it into work and I am having the same issue there.

I have tried re-installing the iOS app a couple of times and I have restarted my Mac and still nothing. Help would be much appreciated!

are you using XDE? i think you might have set your setting to use localhost. You can change that by clicking the gear next to the URL and then choosing Host > Tunnel.

Yes that’s it! Thank you, @ccheever

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